How is that relationship?

It’s amazing. So different but so well matched

Have you got a girlfriend now?

I do, yeah. We’ve been together just over a year

what is your relationship with your father like?

Pretty bad. We’re civil but I don’t go out of my way to talk to him. Haven’t really spoken properly since August 2012, my parents are still together though

do you think you've shut certain people out of your life?

Certainly, yes. Some people need shutting out more than others, sometimes I feel that people aren’t the kind that I need in my life and so I reduce or cut off my contact with them

Have you ever cheated on anybody before?

Kinda yeah. Was going out with a girl when I was like 15/16 and kissed another girl in a game of spin the bottle. She never found out

the question was who do you want to be and why? not what do you want to be. As in, what type of person do you want to be, what sort of outlook on life. At the end of the day, a job is something you do to make money-and yes, it helps if you enjoy what you do-but the real principle of life is to be someone and when you die your kids/family can say that they were glad to know you because you were someone who was who they wanted to be.

Ohhh I hear ya. In that case I hope to just carry on being friendly. I wanna be a good dad  and husband though, And I definitely wanna make sure I don’t have the kind of relationship with my kid that I do with my father. 

Your page is wicked, I love your instagram, and you're an amazing photographer :) just thought you should know.

That’s so cool of you, thank you very much! Really appreciate it and it’s always lovely to hear :)

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The reason I stay away from other people’s cameras #me

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do you accept other peoples opinions and preferences or do you shun whatever they believe?

Nah I’m open minded man

what do you want from your life? who do you want to be and why?

Someone with a decent house with space for a few cars, my drums, a family and a garden long enough to shoot my gun in. Ideally a high up photographer or something

do you think that you try too hard?

I don’t really do the whole “trying” thing, have you seen me haha